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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!$30K bet on Ravens turns into $600K payday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The first Sunday of the NFL season featured several six-figure bets, a seven-figure swing on a touchdown with six seconds left and a $30,000 bet with a $600,000 twist.

    Welcome to Week 1 of Notable Bets, our weekly wrap up the most notable sports betting storylines from over the weekend.

    NFL notable bets

    Bookmaker PointsBet offers a unique way to bet on the NFL. They call it "PointsBetting," a high-risk, high-reward wager that the bookmaker pioneered in Australia and brought to the U.S. last summer.

    It works like this: For every point a team covers the spread by, the initial stake multiplies. If you place a $5 "PointsBetting" wager on Team A -3, and Team A wins by 10 points, you win $35 (7 points times $5 per point above which the team covered the spread). Bettors have the option of setting the limits on a maximum win or loss, up to 50 times the initial wager.

    On Sept. 1, a "sharp client" placed the largest "PointsBetting" wager the book has taken since arriving in New Jersey: A $30,000 bet on the
    Baltimore Ravens -6 against the Miami Dolphins. The bettor chose to set the maximum win/loss at 20 times their initial wager.

    The Ravens won 59-10 on Sunday, and the bettor won $600,000.

    The Ravens' rout was the most costly game of the day for multiple sportsbooks. Entering Sunday, 93.7% of the money that had been bet on the game's point spread at Caesars Sportsbooks was on Baltimore.

    Despite the big loss, Las Vegas sportsbooks reported an overall winning Sunday. Second-half comebacks by the
    Buffalo Bills (+2.5) and Arizona Cardinals (+3) helped the books overcome losses on the Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs. The biggest win for Caesars Sportsbook, though, came from the Washington Redskins.

    Trailing the
    Philadelphia Eagles 32-20 with three minutes to play, Washington QB Case Keenum capped a 16-play, 75-yard drive with a touchdown pass to Trey Quinn with six seconds to play. Washington, a 10-point underdog at most sportsbooks, covered the spread in a 32-27 defeat. The late touchdown produced a seven-figure swing in favor of the house at Caesars..

    The SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas took a $45,000 moneyline bet on the Eagles to beat Washington straight-up at -450 odds. The bettor won a net $10,000.

    Washington's cover against Philadelphia also produced MGM's biggest win of the day in Las Vegas. "Boy, did we get lucky in that game," MGM sportsbook director Jeff Stoneback said. "I didn't have it on, had conceded it a loser and was mad. One of our supervisors was watching it on a little TV and started jumping up and down."

    A bettor at a CG Technology sportsbook on Saturday in Las Vegas placed a $500 bet on the Redskins to win the Super Bowl at 250-1 and another $500 bet on the Redskins to win the NFC at 100-1.

    "The morning games were very good," CG Technology sportsbook director Tony DiTommaso told ESPN on Sunday. "The Skins saved us early. In the late games, Cincinnati was good, although it would've been better if they won the game."

    CG Technology reported taking two $20,000 moneyline bets on the Seahawks to beat the Bengals at -470 odds. The Seahawks squeaked out a 21-20 win.

    DraftKings reported taking $100,000 bets on the
    Indianapolis Colts +6.5 and the Jacksonville Jaguars +3.5 from a bettor online in New Jersey. The Colts covered the spread in a 30-24 overtime loss to the Chargers. The Jaguars failed to cover the spread in 40-26 loss to the Chiefs. The bettor was able to break even on the split, only because DraftKings was offering no vig on NFL games Sunday.

    The Bills' comeback win over the favored
    New York Jets helped ease a little of PointsBet's pain from the $600,000 loss on the Ravens. Bills-Jets was the most heavily-bet game of the day at PointsBet. Approximately 90% of the money bet on the point spread was on the Jets.

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    u fuk ur days late where have u been

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    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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    poker divin into the white powder

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    I like these wagers. What books have them

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    old news

    this happened before people thought steelers were a good team
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    Most of us Don't glue R fukkin eyes to the digital screen 24/7/365................