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    NFL Ratings Went up Week 1 Because of Gambling

    Legalization of gambling to thank

    22 million viewers

    Gambling will always happen

    Cant stop

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    keep making people rich seaweed

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    Up because CH/ GB huge fan bases

    Opening day local teams

    NE/ Pit primetime

    MNF doubleheader featuring Gruden/ Oak drama and New Orleans Saints (people like to watch the Saints)

    When the league can schedule legacy teams and dictate matchups early they win ratings

    Ain't noone watching Jets/ Dolphins week 14 or Lions / Bill's week 11 or say a 4-10 Pit team versus a 6-8 Bears team week 15.

    West Coast going to struggle as Dodgers will take viewers away from LA market thru early Nov. Unlike Central and East where NFL starts early, MLB follows at night.

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    Good news !!

    Plus they’re standing for the national anthem