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    Howard signing with the lakers

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    Harassment charges against Los Angeles Lakers center DeMarcus Cousins have been dropped.

    Cousins' attorney, Moshae Donald, told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski the third-degree harassment charge against his client was dropped and the case was dismissed.

    Per ESPN's Bobby Marks, Cousins is still subject to a potential fine and/or suspension under the NBA's domestic violence policy, and the league's investigation can continue.

    In August, TMZ Sports reported Cousins' ex-girlfriend Christy West filed a police report in Alabama in which she said he threatened her when she refused to let their son attend his wedding to Morgan Lang.

    An audio recording West said she made of her conversation with Cousins included him saying he would "put a bullet in your f--king head" when she refused to allow their son to go to his wedding in Atlanta.

    Cousins is out indefinitely while recovering from his ACL surgery. The 29-year-old signed a one-year deal with the Lakers in July.

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    Lol Cousins

    Career over

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    I keep hoping it's Kirk

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    That is DeMarcus. False advertising.

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    Why haven't they released him? Coach Vogel is relieved the case has been dropped because it's been on his mind a lot lately. No class!

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