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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishhead View Post
    GL finding that.
    Let us all know who allows this, thanks in advance.
    Very tough finding that for nfl, for college u can find that at betonline or sportsbetting I believe or maybe jazz also. Iíll try and update this once football starts.

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    You will NOT find a book that has a line at 2.5, 3, or 3.5 and only charges a dime to buy the hook. The hook is nothing more than a enticement for suckers to think they will win money, but basically do what people who buy hooks do. Lose their arse. Here is what the losers who buy the hooks do not realize. Say team A is -3 1/2 against team B and you want to buy it down to 3. Team B upsets team A. So you have just wasted 20 cents on the dollar for a game that you would have lost no matter what unless you took team B. You see the amateur posters and aire bettors do it in here all the time. They claim that they won 11 games and lost 10 for a break even performance. They ALWAYS conveniently forget all of the games where they bought the hook and lost. So they are really down, but will never admit it because they are either air bettors. liars, or both.
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    Every time the odds of the game landing on that number exceed what I have to pay to move on or off it, I'll buy the extra half-point.

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    Attach collar around womanís neck. Place anal HOOK in her ass and hook it to the collar, backside.

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    Redskins forever
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    Never buy points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiggityDaggityDo View Post

    Sammy, how much does Smokey weigh?

    Heard he loss some weight...

    Not sure what he was up to when he had his problems but his breathing was labored at rest

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    forget buying hook. if you dont like pregame numbers, then just bet it live and let the game action buy the hook for you. you can get it with better juice. like buying a hook to +3.5 will probably cost 10 cent more at -120 or some cases -125 whereas you could probably get the same +3.5 live at -115 or less depending on game situation or even better line at more than +3.5 if other team gets behind. dont pay more juice if you dont have to.

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