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    VERY cool statement re. Bob Gibson from an opponent.

    Doug Rader was once asked to name the five toughest pitchers he ever faced. “That’s easy,” he said. “Bob Gibson in 1968. Bob Gibson in 1969. Bob Gibson in 1970. Bob Gibson in 1971. Bob Gibson in 1972.”

    My take: If anyone who thinks the best of the black professional athletes from the 50s-60s weren`t some of the toughest mofo`s ever. Read a book. The shit they had to endure would make today`s snowflakes wither and die.
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    My favorite pitcher. One hell of a competitor and athlete. He could hit, too.
    I saw him lose to Seaver in St.Louis in a low scoring game, like 4 to 1.
    Tom was one of the best, also.
    I admired Gibson for his competitive fire along with his quiet humbleness. Super guy.

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    Thanks Dom.
    Great list indeed.

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    Obviously I am too young to have seen, but I remember from Ken Burns Baseball documentary that he pitched a complete game with a broken fukin leg. Guy was a badass

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    Was @ St Louis one day in July @ Busch Stadium 68 or 69?

    Gibson threw FIRE the whole game!!

    The temp on the field was 103!

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    Plus he had to deal with Gussie Busch

    Family was Bud distributor for 70 years....Busch family crazy and no fun to negotiate with. Can only imagine Gibson asking for a raise after posting an era of 1.06 and Gussie telling him he could do better...