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    WPN Poker Network an Embarassment

    Huge software update last Sunday and 4 days later the shit hole poker rooms are in shambles, nothing works, lots of complaints about missing balances and VIP points/rakeback

    How come in this day and age, you do an upgrade of such magnitude without alpha testing it properly before going live?

    Retards running that zoo I tell ya

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    They did a beta for 2 months. They should have put the Venom freeroll stuff on the beta site though so it got more players and traffic to test it out and report bugs.

    I found several bugs but never reported them just because I figured others already had.

    This software should allow them to add things more easily such as Progressive Knockouts and other popular formats. The Blitz poker will be awesome too when it's fully functional. I like playing Zone on bovada but would rather that game not be anonymous because you can't get reads/stats on players bc of that.