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    What's the advantage of having a higher seed??

    I do not understand how this works. Can someone explain?

    More days off?
    Weaker opponent?

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    weaker opponent in theory man made rankings so man made subjectivity

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    Not much

    This is not tennis

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    Weaker opponent in theory, and if you are a 1 seed you should be placed in a region where you place close to home.

    UNC will of course potentially play Kansas(lower seed) in Kansas City in a dream Sweet 16 game for CBS lol

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    mostly all sport tournaments are set up this way.
    the emphasis on seed numbers is a fairly new talking point for the media.
    it used to never be mentioned. just the basic highest vs lowest was enough.

    now there is hyper analysis on quantifiable angles like seed number upset percentages
    and all this other data that is scrutinized by the data fanciers.

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    Can anyone answer why they put Mich. st in the same bracket duke is in and Mich. in the other bracket which seems to me they will have a easier bracket. Mich. got the better bracket for losing. LOL

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    The 1 & 2 seeds get weaker opponents. All other teams are a lottery. It depends on the match ups and a lower seat may be the better team.

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