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    Quadriga Crypto Currency Exchange Gone Bankrupt

    Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchange Quadriga is due in court Tuesday as it seeks creditor protection in the wake of the sudden death of its founder and chief executive in December and missing cryptocurrency worth roughly $190-million.
    The Vancouver-based exchange filed an application for creditor protection on Jan. 31 and the Nova Scotia Supreme Court will be asked on Feb. 5 to appoint a monitor to oversee the proceedings, according to a post on its website, which has been otherwise shut down.
    Quadriga owes $70 million in currency and an additional amount of cryptocurrency valued at approximately $180 million, based on market prices in December, to roughly 115,000 users, it said in its application.


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    your going to see many more go down

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    Owner/owners stole the money and faked death.

    Nothing really to with crypto price.

    Site was in trouble for months.

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    Got be very dedicated to run around
    India with Crones disease trying to help

    From what I understand when you have Crones
    you start to panic when you’re 20 minutes away
    from a toilet.

    Plus he’s running around India with his
    labtop which contains info and keys wallets etc etc.
    then he dies then you only hear of it a
    month later.

    Like Tony.. Gone or living the lap of luxury.

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    So I'm sure the Canadian government is going to do something about this to make everything right.

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    That's a shame.

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    Crypto folks gotta plan for the crypt.

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    Guy got married in October. Wrote his will in November (the will included a 100k each for each of his dogs!) and died in December. But he did nothing to protect the company. Well orchestrated by them. But the guy who is died/got killed may just be a hired face of the company.

    Real guy is someone named Omar something/Michael Patryn....was a fugitive wanted criminal in usa for identity theft and many criminal charges.

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    The lower the price gets the more you gonna see of this