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    Freeplay ?

    3000 freeplay I have but the limits for most stuff in SBR Book won’t allow that much for one single wager so can I just use some are does it have to be one bet? Want to put it on one collage game tonight but 2000 is the max so how does that work?

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    The great game of POT...LIMIT...OMAHA
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    Every freeplay balance I've come across in sportsbooks can be used over numerous straight bets. Only one book (can't remember which) had a rule involving a limit, where it say FP can only be used on a max of 3 wagers.

    Some books will allow parlays of 2-3 teams, recent years most only allow straight bets. Parlays are best for your return as it allows you to "rebet" the freeplay money on a 2nd or 3rd match.

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    I'll break my Free Play up. Put $5 on a 10 Team parlay, $10 on a 8 Team teaser, and .......... Basically, I just have fun with them!