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    Sam Odom
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    Sunday NFL was a Nightmare for most of us

    Sunday NFL was a Nightmare for most of us

    Only the sharpest of Sharps made $$$

    Sammy lost money... cant sleep

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    Yeah, the books are probably rolling around naked in all the money they made. Several large favorites losing outright, many other favorites not covering. Vegas loves days like yesterday.... there actually haven't been many of these over the last couple years.

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    Harry N. Lloyd
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    I was on to it and played virtually all the dogs. I ended up breaking even though because I went heavier on Carolina, Tampa, and Philly. Tampa and Philly were both heartbreakers as the Bucs were getting 10, yet up 14-3 at half, and Philly was getting 3.5 and took it to OT. UGH!

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    I won all the early games everyone else lost on. Was feeling good and smart watching everyone else get crushed, just needed rams to end the night. I cant believe how bad Goff looked. Then they cant even get a Goddamn field goal.

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    I had a good day but I always play on the books sides for the most part. It didnt all go books way. Giants and Saints were lopsided games the books needed the other side. And tennessee was bad on thursday.

    The last few weeks are usually great for the books. The line gets shaded to the teams that “need” to win. People jump all over those teams. And then the dog shit teams that have nothing to play for come thru for the books. You also get the games where teams rest starters if they have everything locked up and they become total coin flip games

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    I went 4-3, with much of my success coming in the night games. Did anyone really think that the Rams could play in 20 degree weather?

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    Rudy wants to buy yez a drink
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    Yep, Bears bailed me out some. Was kinda kicking myself for not parlaying Bears/under though.

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    Yep. I had many of the dogs in my pools for an overall good day, but as stated, books made a killing. I did, however, get sucked into the Chiefs. Can't believe I fell for that "TRAP" game.

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    I always do well in the NFL. Do your research! The info is out there to pick winners