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    Harry N. Lloyd
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    Who Here Thinks They Might Watch The Tiger-Michelson Match....?

    Personally I couldn't be less interested. I wouldn't watch if were on regular TV, but they're asking us to pony up $20 on PPV.

    They both played like crap in the Ryder Cup, which was only last month.

    Michelson hit a moving ball on the green in a major this year and couldn't smile his way out of that egregious breech. Let's not even talk about last year's insider trading scandal and his snitching on our patron saint Billy Walters.

    These guys are both already too rich for me to root for either of them to make another $9mil.....and I'd be very surprised and disappointed if the winner doesn't donate the money to charity.

    Wouldn't it have been a better idea to do something original---for instance, play a 9 hole elimination match with Tiger, Phil, Rory, Rose, Day, Ricky, Jordan, Thomas, Koepka, and DJ? 10 guys start and one is eliminated every hole, either by the worst score on that hole or with a chip-off or putt-off to break ties. That would leave 2 guys to play it off on the final hole. Winner take all!

    Thoughts, golf fans?

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    I think itís going to be a flop it should be free

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    I don't get this at all. Sure we would love to see tiger and Phil Sunday at the masters within a shot or 2, but a random h2h on some resort course with nothing at stake is just stupid.