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    Saban needs to stop messing around

    Tua is worlds better than hurts.

    Hurts should not see the field till its 45-0

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    No comparison in the quarterbacks

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    Saban doesn't want Hurts to transfer out so hes giving him playing time. Would love to see him transfer out and TUA go down for the year to even the playing field for everyone else in college football.
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    Nick has the Snowflake Sports Media in a huff

    He told a black woman reporter to STOP asking that question

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    Of course Tua is better , if you would've noticed he let Jones get reps . Why ? Because Hurts will transfer , Jones be then be the #2 , they now can play in 4 games and still earn a Red Shirt , Jalen transfers to Florida Atlantic .
    Saban knows this , Tua has ever tangible you want a QB to have . Arm , accuracy, vision , goes through his progressions , one area he lacks is experience but it comes through time.
    In the other hand , while truly appreciating everything Hurts has done but being honest , he has none . He had several dropped last night but had several opportunities to hit a wide open deep ball , he didn't even throw it , he doesn't trust himself .
    Tua has the potential to be the best Bama has had easily with all his attributes .
    I can go ahead wish Hurts the best , there is no QB battle . It's like Steve Young vs Josh Allen . It's over , Tua is Miles ahead of not just Hurts but any QB Saban has ever has at any college he has coached . The kid has a very high ceiling due to potential .
    Had heard from past players , Herbstreit, and others , at the practices with no media or cameras Tua was that far ahead but finally got to witness seeing it ourself .
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