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    Quote Originally Posted by 2daBank View Post
    How can you possibly say Vegas was/is more talented? They a team of cast offs while caps before this title were making a claim to be one of the better teams who hadn't won one in this era.
    Caps are a 1 line team, while Vegas rolls 4 productive lines, with no glaring weaknesses all the way down the lineup. I think this is the least talented Washington team of the modern Ovechkin era.

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    I don't believe you ... please continue
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    Vegas has 25 million in cap space available next year

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    Who cares?! Warriors!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DwightShrute View Post
    never disagree with me again
    Lol. I do generally defer to you when it comes to hockey.

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    It's not a fluke.

    You don't get that record playing an entire season, work your way through the playoffs beating very good teams , mostly in short work. The SCP are the hardest to get through and they ran into a Juggernaut.

    They were the most balanced "team" of the playoffs with no real stars except Fleury. In the end, the Caps have an immense amount of talent, play their game, are bigger and stronger, and just put it to them.

    They will absolutely be in the playoffs next year no question (assuming they don't dismantle this team)

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    Youíll see a big drop off next year I donít think they have the players to duplicate this season

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    Alot of people here projecting knights to be worse next year. Maybe they get better as a team with the experience.

    Closed out all 3 series on the road with no b2b loses until the finals. Capitals wanted it more and vegas played slow and sloppy a lot of the finals. Better team won the cup, but to call Vegas a fluke is a joke. They were playing well from the first game aggressive all year they will do the same next yr.

    Knights just getting started it was their FIRST year. Wont be a fluke

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMNoney View Post
    I truly believe William Karlsson had one of the biggest mirage season's in the history of sports. He will never come close to scoring 40+ goals in a year again.
    This was the easiest call of all time.

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