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    Why Is Raptors Game Tomorrow Starting at 3pm PST?

    When is the last time an NBA playoff game started before 4PM PST on a weekday? Does Drake have somewhere to be by 7 so they need to start it early? Us westcoasters may not be able to watch the beginning.

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    I don't believe you ... please continue
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    double header. Both East Coast games. Boston game starting at 8:30 ET.

    Kinda sucks if you ask me.

    A big FU to the Pacific Time zone peeps

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    already a thread on this

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    Yet NBA Finals games start at 9:00 ET even when played in ET time zone.

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    Makes zero sense. Philly/Boston could be tonight. Or Cavs/Toronto could have the extra day just like Philly/Boston.

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    check venue schedules there could be other stuff going on at those times

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    very stupid

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    The Bruins have a home game tonight, so the 76ers/Celts game had to be pushed back a day. Now you have 2 Eastern Conference games playing on the same night. You would think Toronto/Cleveland would be the Prime Time Series......absolutely shocked they have the early game.

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    NBA has no clue how to make a schedule.