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    Boxer wearing Trump wall shorts KO’d by Mexican fighter

    In the super-featherweight matchup between American "Lightning" Rod Salka and Mexican boxer Francisco "El Bandido" Vargas, Salka decided to show up wearing some pret-ty Trumpian "America 1st" trunks with a brick wall pattern on them. Classic American subtlety.

    After Vargas (25-1-2, 18 KOs) dealt out a flurry of punches (112 landed to Salka's 75) for a solid six rounds, Salka (24-5, 4 KOs)—more important, his corner—ended up throwing in the towel. Safe to say Vargas knocked that wall right down.
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    Good find

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    Is this a win for the libtards?

    Maybe they should put on a puppet show where Trump gets executed and broadcast it on CNN

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    tried to get in his head but just pissed him off

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    White boy no good.

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    No mas

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    Big win for Liberals!

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    Seems most trump supporters are big ol pussies. You kinda got to be to have any respect for some dipshit who runs his mouth on twitter constantly.

    I'm not a "libtard" either, don't much care for either side. Really can't stand the moron extremist on right or left.

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    Chillin w/Goat til We Do it Again
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    Trump let this messikin in to fight, can't be that bad of a guy.