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    Quote Originally Posted by bonzaii View Post
    I was going nuts after JP hit that show. Incredible shot.This is what happens when you don't guard the in bounder. Michigan won a game earlier in the year against Maryland on a last second chance. Fforward to 4:21.
    Wow, why are coaches this dumb? You don't guard the inbound and they can pass the ball all the way to mid court and get off a good shot. If you guard the inbound, the first pass is 3/4 court away and they don't have any time to get a quality look. Plus the inbounder cannot run the baseline after a missed free throw. You put your tallest, longest armed big man on the block and force the to throw up a 50/50 ball.

    I'm surprised Sampson isn't getting raked over the coals here in Houston. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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    Idk Mac seems pretty obvious choice to make just like you should foul late in game to not give up that game tying 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr KLC View Post
    Jordan Poole is the talk of the college basketball world on Sunday morning after his amazing buzzer beater to take down Houston in the second round of the NCAA tournament. But you probably didnít know he hit the EXACT same shot in high school.

    The three on the wing with an off-balance, split-legged jump that left him on the ground when the shot fell ó itís all the same. Itís so close itís really pretty eerie. Look, credit where itís due: Not many teams would have the confidence in the freshman to put the ball in his hands in the final seconds to keep their NCAA tournament dreams alive, but Poole showed he can drop this kind of shot, and he did.

    That really is pretty crazy and eerie.

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    That is eirlily similar

    Michigan team of destiny now

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