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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmuston Beltics View Post
    Women get paid as much as men in tennis. They play less (max 3 sets) and they can have their coach come talk to them during the matches(forbidden in men's tennis). That's not equal. They also can scream during every hit ball(even a slicer) to provoke their opponent.
    It's almost as if it wasn't even about the tennis

    But seriously have you seen their coaches come talk to them...it's like wtf is going on they just sit there like little beautiful dolls either not responding or even paying attention or they are crying while this old man who probably only coaches em in exchange for sex goes es good u know es okay es okay its good u know u play good okay but u watch when she hit the ball like dees you know away from you you're going to want to hit it away from her instead u know baby okay good good good daddy is proud of you I got you a pony for your birthday okay I didnt want to ruin the surprise but es alright es good daddy loves u
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    Tennis aside, when they start packing stadiums and bring in the same revenue as the men (Golf, Soccer, WNBA, etc), then we can start the conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cincinnatikid513 View Post
    no best of 3 is perfect for womens tennis best of 5 would be awful the games would last so long the players would be so tired the quality of play would be even worse than it is now, they have trouble holding serve as it is
    OMFG no truer words were ever spoken...you would see like 50% of matches just ending in retirement...most of these women can barely make it through 3 sets much less 5...here's world #1 champ Wozniacki dealing with cramps due to her period lol jk 3 set match (even though she won set 1 6-0 she already had to be treated for cramping 3 times prior in this match) so at that point she just falls down and starts crying. These are NOT athletes they are and ass for your viewing pleasure...which is why the most famous players are Kournikova Sharapova rather than players like Justine Henin who would beat the hell out of both of them but isnt hot...if most of these girls (non-Serenas) played a match against Nadal or Federer it is not a guarantee they would win a point....not a game....but a point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unde0087 View Post
    I think female hookers make more as well.
    I can confirm this
    When I pay a homeless person for a blowjob I have to shell out 5 bucks for a woman
    The men do it for 3

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