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    Anyone Know Anything About DeepStack Extravaganza at the Venetian?

    I'll be in Vegas in a week and saw this will be happening in the poker rooms. Are these daily events I can just enter, or is it more complicated than that? Anyone ever play in it?
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    The Deepstack Extravaganza (DSE) is a month-long tournament series the Venetian runs 4 times a year. All info about the current DSE can be found here.

    I have played a few events, but not within the last 2 years, and IMO they do a very good job with it. A big plus is that the Venetian tournaments use tables with automatic shufflers, so you get a lot more hands in per hour than you would at another room that hand shuffles. For bigger DSE tournaments they will have either a special small buffet for tournament players or give you a small food comp. The crew of dealers is among the best in Vegas.

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    They are always great events there. You can enter any of them individually. A few last more than one day or have multi-flight, but there are lots of one-day ones. Good luck!