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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyMan View Post
    Greaser finally shares with us how he made his millions
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    Feel lucky that gambling isn't frowned upon as much down here.

    Most people will bet on something at least once per year. My brother meets a few friends at the local pub to bet the horses most Saturdays. But no one else in family bets regularly.

    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    I donít think I ever wouldíve got into gambling if my father didnít take me to the race track when I was like 10 years old and now I look back I wouldnít have it any other way some of the greatest memories of my life
    Almost exactly how I feel.

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    I hung out at the tracks and OTB every weekend growing up. My dad and all my uncles were horse junkies. Iíve been gambling longer than Iíve been able walk. I remember betting 25 cents on football games and sweating it out as a 5 year old. At the end of the weekend Iíd owe like $3 and had to figure out how to come up with the $. What a sick life Iíve led. This is why I never let any of my kids gamble. I wonít teach them how to play cards or how to bet on the ponies. They donít even know what a spread means.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyMan View Post
    Greaser finally shares with us how he made his millions
    Itís thousands mickey

    I donít play slots, though, only slits

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    Nobody gambled in my family

    Not even grandparents

    I had a friend back in the early 80's bring me to Hollywood Park. I didn't have a clue on how to even bet on a horse. I was always a numbers driven kid and get kept asking people about the times in the Racing Form. I got so frustrated with peoples answers as I kept getting "times of the race doesn't really matter" but different answers that involved class and pace and a number of things. So I walked up to this old timer selling programs and explained my frustration on how to pick the winning horse. He looked me in the eye and said "Sonny all you need to know is Danish in the 9th race". The horse was 6-1 in the program so I walked up and plucked 35 bucks to win which was everything I had in my pocket. Danish won by 5 length's. It went off at over 7-1. I walked back to give him a tip and he threw it back at me and said "I can't take your money because I am the racetrack and my pay goes through them. You'll give it back anyway". Lol. He was right.

    My first gambling experience and haven't quit since.

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    Ranger that's funny. The first time I ever bet the ponies was a work event at Santa Anita. I bet two long shots in consecutive races, both horse #5, and won like 300 bucks. I don't think I have had a winning day like that since but I still play!

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    My dad and brother play poker and BJ... small stakes

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