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    really naive question about sports betting at a casino?

    hoping people can help on this.

    is it possible to have a local electronic account with the big sports books in vegas? i.e. i would give them $10K and then i would use a card/account number to bet in person or on the phone (obviously there are out-of-state issues for phone)... basically don't have to carry around cash....... i remember many years back a radio host betting on horse races here in canada on the phone. never heard of it since but i don't know much... EDIT: when i say with the "big sports books" i basically mean affiliated sports books. obviously not a card for all sports books or anything
    on a secondary note, how much does it cost to have a safety deposit box at a major vegas casino? i've read about it with poker players.
    on a last note, if sports books are from the same family, are they generic as to betting limits etc? or does a giant sports book in vegas have higher limits than small one in laughlin even though they are part of same network?

    thx in advance

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    William Hill has on site and online.

    Unless you're parking 25k+ I don't think you need a private box.

    I've wired $15k to Cromwell cage, they hold it for ya and disperse as requested, free.

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    not sure what happened to spaces between paragraphs. they were there.

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    Alot of casinos will give you a box if you are staying there. The ones in the poker room are hard to get as they stay full. I had one years ago at the MGM all that was required was a $100 deposit. Wish I never had gave it up.

    You can also get what is called a front money account where you just deposit money and get it from the cage as needed.

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    The books have apps nowadays you can deposit 10k on your caesars or westgate app and bet on your phone as long as in Nevada.