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    I may be missing something, working, but how the HELL is Denver favored by 3.5 against a Wizards team that is much more talented?? Home court and all but looks like a steal

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    Home court tough
    Denver decent

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    yeah, always tough to play in denver
    but wiz backcourt will be a handful for the nuggs

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    it is -5 now at bovada

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    Thin air is tough for road teams that aren't used to it and the Wiz have the weakest bench in the league.

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    Denver has a ton of talent and is really good at home.

    One of the teams exoected to make a big jump this year.

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    Huge Wizards fan. We actually play really well in Denver historically, but I'm on the fence tonight. We've scraped out wins against two teams that can't get buckets thus far when it counts (PHI,DET), and one thing Denver can do is score.

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    Denver is over rated. They are only capable of playing good for 3 quarters. Once they get to the 4th it's a sh#t show. They lost the Utah game because of bad 4th quarter play. Same thing against the Wiz. Can't get it done in the 4th.

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    the +5 was a gift.