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    Where does the twins season rank all time?

    Win or lose tonight

    I mean gotta be one of the best


    Ill write more after replies

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    One of the all time shockers.

    After losing 100 games they bounce back and find the post season with 85 wins.

    They dumped their gm

    They were sellers at the deadline

    They had a losing record at home for most if the year and were nearly unbeatable on the road in the 1st half

    They nevet lost 4 games in a row in till late June, they never won 4 games in a row until August

    They have 5 everyday players the locals can't name yet they all have 15+ homers

    The manager and team leader Mauer are both St Paul boys from Creighten High School!!

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    All-time was the question. Twins were sellers at the deadline this year, as Fats said more of a shocker season to get here in the Wildcard.

    Once Buxton AND Sano get in sync, it will be interesting
    . Buxton improved leaps and bounds this year. Sano looked fearsome last year, but this season plagued by injury (Sano not even available for wildcard game).

    So back to All-Time, Twins World Series Champions in 1987 and 1991 while in the AL West division. Both years, the home teams won all 7 games. Format was 2-3-2 games. Minnesota won games 1,2,6,7 against the St.Louis Cardinals in 1987, then again versus the Atlanta Braves in 1991.

    Kirby Puckett was the standout player.

    Puckett played his entire 12-year MLB career as a center fielder for the Minnesota Twins (198495). Puckett is the Twins' all-time leader in career hits, runs, doubles, and total bases. At the time of his retirement, his .318 career batting average was the highest by any right-handed American League batter since Joe DiMaggio.

    Puckett was the fourth baseball player during the 20th century to record 1,000 hits in his first five full calendar years in Major League Baseball, and was the second to record 2,000 hits during his first ten full calendar years. After being forced to retire in 1996 at age 36 due to loss of vision in one eye from a central retinal vein occlusion, Puckett was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001, his first year of eligibility.

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    Twins used saber metrics on defensive play this year. I was reading an article on that, and it seems like an interesting idea. You can get cheaper players that way if it continues to work like it did this year.