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    That was a big win for a lakerboy

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    Lakerboy nailed this one.....

    I took a good look at this dope, and knew the texans had this shit immediately:

    I think he's pointing to the rail they're about to run his ass out of town on.....

    may be the worst f'n qb i've ever seen.....

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    Cincy was only like my 5th ranked play this week
    and the bet didn't matter a lot but I still feel sick
    just because of how pathetic they really were.

    Taking Houston went against the usual NFL logic.

    It's rare when a team plays so out of character the
    first two games, and both at home.

    Time for the overdue coaching and qb changes.

    If I owned them I would fire Lewis immediately and
    tell the new coach he can take the job on condition
    that Dalton is gone.
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    Nice win lakerboy.. you're back on it

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    Cheers guys. Needed this one

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