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    How did Blue Jays Fall off so much this year?

    I thought we were gonna go to playoffs

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    go pro and pay your debts seaweed

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    Fukk Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by Booya711 View Post
    Fukk Canada
    In Texas tomorrow.

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    No pitching

    Crap every year actually

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    Pitching wins, always has, always will, and the blue birds don't have it.
    Loss of Encarncion hurt the line up, Joey Bats is getting old, he's not feared anymore.
    Donaldson's starting to break down, he's missed a ton of games this year, they have a million holes.
    Toronto doesn't hit for average, team leader is Smoak at .280.
    Toronto OBA is atrocious.
    They don't have any team speed either.
    The only thing the Blue Jays do better than most teams is hit homers, but not that much better, and play defense.

    They're not a good team, the last time they were good was in 2015 and the Royals exposed them in the playoffs that year.