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    US v. Jamaica - Pick and Write-Up

    1-2 in the gold cup, I like the US at -1. Mexico lost to Jamaica, but they dominated possession and just couldn't score on set pieces or against Jamaica's strategy of packing players in the back end the whole game. Mexico was a very young and small team, well the US is much more experienced and has much better size. I think the US will have a better strategy against Jamaica's style. Jamaica's style works if they can can keep teams from scoring but if the US can get an early goal it will force Jamaica to open up and create more scoring chances.

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    yes i agree. mexico should have scored a bunch of goals. that Jamaica goalie is good but he will be beaten a few times tonight

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    I am all over USA.

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    Usa actually wants this win badly. It will contribute towards their farming home grown players.

    Jamaica is superior in athleticism to anyone but plays very undisciplined soccer, reckless at times. They leave themselves open to numerous scoring chances throughout every game