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    Federer v Cilic - Pick and Write-Up

    1-2 after losing with Williams I like Federer at -5. Cilic is playing fairly well but he was lucky to see Querrey instead of Nadal or a healthy Murray or Djokovic in the semifinal. Cilic has beaten Federer before, but that was on the hardcourt which is Cilic's best surface and Federer is playing at a higher level now with his different schedule. Cilic is an aggressive player who is not really capable of playing defense, Federer can use slice backhand and power shots. Federer's goal was to win the tournament after winning the Australian open and skipping the French open for this tournament, Cilic has already exceeded expectations and has been very lucky to not have to play a top 5 player to get to final.

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    Federer 3-0


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    Easy road for Fed as well, but I agree - Club Fed wins #19! Too crafty for Cilic

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    LIke it

    Fed 3-1