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    Quote Originally Posted by trytrytry View Post
    add Serena also
    serena doesn't qualify. she just takes advantage of her power. if all the ghetto black kids or africans had the money to learn and practice tennis, serena will be no where close to top player because she is too emotional and a mental train wreck but she is a shark swimming with a bunch of gold fishes in wta now so its too easy for her.

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    Chuck norris

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    Tennis is far more of a skill game than athletic. So no, Federer should not be considered a top 5 athlete. I'd say he's the greatest mens tennis player of all time, but that doesnt mean he can bench 300 pounds, run a 4.3 40, and jump 40 inches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Jim Brown.

    He was only the world's best in two different sports.
    Thank you.

    Football great. Also excelled in basketball, track and field, lacrosse. Ran the decathalon. Guy even kicked extra points.

    Federer is tough to judge. Depends on your interpretation. He would be damn close to my top 5.

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    King Federer

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    Nobody close

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    Tennis GOAT

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    Top 5 greatest sportsperson for sure. I almost want to put Serena in there but we need Gretzky too for sure!!

    Sportspeople are very different to athletes although you need to remember these guys run around for sometimes 3-5 hours alone by themselves. No offence/defence teams where 70 fat ass men sit off every 3 minutes, no timed quarters where when sone nerd's little timer goes = game over. Tennis players don't bulk like other sports but they also do it alone every time and are running their asses off doing so as opposed to say, golf.

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    I dont think we will see another great tennis player like federer

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    Never not even close

    He is a freak

    Never injured

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    No tennis is just a specialized talent. I heard when he was younger he tried to play soccer, golf, and skiing and he was embarrassingly uncoordinated. i mean just look at this video where Federer is supposedly showing soccer talent. He's like 5 feet away and kicks it in the net twice, and then can't even kick it within the sideline.

    Great tennis player. All around athlete no. Also may be bi

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