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    U.S. Open Nest Week - Erin Hills - Longest Ever?

    I was just looking at this course for the first time and there is not a single 5 par under 600 yards first off..

    7800 yards from the tips on a regular day....They can prolly easily stretch this out to over 8,000 yards...

    Fescue everywhere....

    Not sure the projected weather for Wisconsin, but this could be a disaster for the golfers..

    I hope so!

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    Winners of majors should be -7 tops

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    It is anybody's game these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Winners of majors should be -7 tops
    Absolute Tops.

    In my opinion, week in and week out the courses are too easy, the scores are too low.

    This should be a good one coming up.

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    Dustin johnson

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    Did we win?
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    The thing about that type of course is if you hit the fairway off the tee your ball with roll out another 50 to 60 yards so the yardage isn't as big of an issue as it seems. Of course if players are hitting wayward drives it will be very tough. Course looks exactly like the Jack Nicklaus course in Montana Old Works. From the tips it is very long but if you hit fairways they are damn near cut to most green lengths so your tee shots are monstrous. But if heavier winds become a factor then the winning score will be -4 or worse. I personally hope they see 20 mph winds and watch them try to survive.
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