Not a lot of room out there today as a hockey player would put it, as this board turned out tough for me with the numbers being really tight on the sides. I did find a total I really like though:

Oakland-Texas Under 9.5 +100 ( Gray and Martinez). Sonny Gray is a good pitcher getting over some shoulder issues. He actually threw well in his first two starts this year though the numbers don't tell that story. He hasn't got much help from the leather behind him and now faces hitters he's had success against. Martinez has struggled also, but, has also had success against the A's. This is a game of pitchers that are much better than shown, and 9.5 is too high of a number. I had this one at 4-3 either way, thus making it my play today.

Good luck if you follow along.

p.s I went too long with this post, didn't I?