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    Holding Strong to My Preseason Wager

    Kansas still wins it all...

    They look shaky but still winning,...

    Gimme Bill Self over any of these other coaches...

    ONLY other team barring a complete fluke to win it all would be Nova


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    I need the Cuse, one more time. We have to win today. The Falcons ruined me. If Syracuse makes it, no one wants to play them. We should have beat Louisville. Now, have to beat GT times 2, and Duke or Louisville. We will make it. Watch out when we're a 9, 10, 11 seed. Just getting things going. The talent of a 4 seed, easily.

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    20 teams have a shot to win this year

    Parity unreal in college hoops

    Kansas winning long shot..a big time choke team on neutral courts