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    Drake Bulldogs (115) "We Back the Blue Night"

    One bet today, Drake basketball +115 at home vs Indiana State.
    Indiana State has a weakness guarding against talented forwards.
    You can look that up in their schedule stats.
    Reed Timmer is a talented forward for Drake, the Sycamores won't
    stop him, he's recently been awarded. Drake can also spread out
    the ball, in the last game, 5 Bulldogs put up DD vs Evansville,
    scoring 88 points.

    Besides just being home court, it's also Blue Night, where the Drake
    president, coach, and others will honor local law enforcement.
    Police chiefs will receive game balls. Halftime show.
    It's setting up for some favorable officiating, especially given the
    Sycamore's vulnerability in the paint, I expect Drake to win this game.

    The initial line has Indiana St as a very light road fave,
    largely due to the fact of older schedule stats
    that do not reflect present team forms, on-court matchups or some
    of these other intangibles such as the large local support tonight.
    All local law enforcement and their families have free admission,
    general admission supports the police at a $5.00 ticket for donation,

    Drake Bulldogs (115)

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    drake 87

    indiana state 70

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    nice cash! keep grinding the winners

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    Crazy this write up kept me off i state...thanks!

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