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    season comung to an end no more NCAA and NFL slowing down..Im sad

    not good at ncaa or soccer.... not big into MLB so my wagering season will soon end. Anyone here just bet Football?? or are you guys year round. what is your favorite sport to wager on???

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    Goals are set! +100 Units
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    If you have extra profit , you can follow my Soccer picks in my thread, they are coming next days

    last year my record in soccer was 51-12 , the secret is Iam Egyptian and most of my bets on Egypt premier League

    this year you can set-up about 5 Units following me and you will be in +profit by the end of the year but you know noting is %100 sure in gambling life ..

    hope I helped .. Good luck Sir

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    hope i dont wake up tomorrow
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    I love hockey but it's tough to bet on until March or so when you can really get a handle on whose playing for what

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    everyone buried

    Hoops 10x more action and deadly