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    Tommy Tuberville shit canned

    Not really, he steps down but same thing.

    PJ Fleck supposedly a candidate to replace him

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    one arrogant bastard

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    Must have been a number of things, not just the decline this year. He was loved for awhile there, so I thought. Where's Bcatswin?

    I think Fleck can hold out for an even better job. If Justin Fuente could go to VT, Fleck could at least go to a Power 5 conference team if he plays his cards right.

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    Tommy doesnt care, he's rich. Always had the demeanor on sideline like nothing's a big deal, I assume he doesnt let too many things worry him.

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    If Fleck wants a power 5 job, he had better take Purdue, because Oregon is not going to come calling.

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    interesting.......... cincy i think is better job than purdue although not in BCS conference... no idea on oregon and fleck.

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    i would like to see strong given consideration. He won at louisville which at that time was on par with uc. tubberville only had 4 guys from the city on the team. The last 4 coaches recruited the state very well.There is some talent in the city and surrounding areas. Tubberville has been cussing and flipping off the fans. He was never equipped to handle the area. Also I think strong may show some allegiance to the school. Just a uc fan perspective. One thing that jones and kelly did was let the fans come down after the game on a win. He would give the post game where fans could hear it. Also they kept the stadium open for hour after game and it was great watching parents throwing balls to their kids on the turf. I know for a fact that kids that are starting for big 10 schools wanted to go to uc and he wouldn't even show any interest. One should be drafted in at least the 2nd round this year.