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    sweethook is good peoples

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    I really think he would have but that game was so strange he was ordered not to do so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Auto Donk View Post
    Winner: Sweethhhoooooookkk!!!! Congrats!


    Hey Obrien, throw the f'n challenge flag after a third-down obviously blown spot you f'n douchebag, instead of waiting for a not so obvious spot on 4th down, you f'n prick!!!! The guy sits there for half a minute with a dumb-ass look on his face instead of challenging the f'n spot after third down, my voice is hoarse as shit from screaming "throw the f'n flag, you dumb mother fukker" over and over as the tv sat there showing his dumb "do-nothing" ass for twenty seconds after that f'n spot.....

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