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    Luke Walton Concerned Lakers Might Be Flat Today Against Suns

    Emotions were high following the win with rookie Brandon Ingram even going so far as to say that the win shows the Lakers can be contenders this year. Walton, however, refuses to get too high after the win, and is trying to keep things level.

    According to Tania Ganguli of the LA Times, Walton put the Lakers through a long practice as he is worried about the team coming out flat against Phoenix on Sunday night:

    The Lakers had a long practice today as they turned the page to Phoenix. Luke Walton admits he thinks they might come out flat tomorrow.

    Waltonís worries about his young team are completely understandable. Itís arguable that the Lakers benefitted on Friday night from the exact thing Walton is concerned about going into Sunday. The Warriors came out completely flat against the Lakers and some believe the teamís emotional victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder the night before played a role.

    For a young team, keeping emotions in check can be difficult and Walton knows that. Young teams tend to play to the level of competition and donít always handle success well, often playing terribly against lesser competition after big wins against better teams.


    Might put some free play money on the Suns ML today.

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    RELAX fellas. Playoffs? Contending?

    I will bite on Phx ML for a unit.

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    This is what "THEY" want you to believe KLC

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    Neither team plays defense so... the under is the play. The NBA

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    KLC I am tailing you, I think you broke out of your 2 year slump

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    Quote Originally Posted by gauchojake View Post
    This is what "THEY" want you to believe KLC
    Thus, I'm using some free play money. This group has not hurt me yet, like they have. Hoping deep down I've found someone I can trust.

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    Just seeing this thread, after posting one of my own. I'm totally trusting the young head coach here and will play the Lakers.