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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Mobile I bet your girls 196 pounds
    No pics for you. Rub your rooster some other way.

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    Uhhhh mobile

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    Dorm life kind of sucked, but was a great time of my life if that makes sense. Living in close quarters with another person is never fun, but those days were nothing but kickin it with friends, getting drunk, smoking weed, and having fun.

    For the most part, I just got really high in the dorms and took advantage of the all you can eat dining hall. People complained about the food getting old, but I ate that shit up.

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    I lived in frat house for 3 1/2 years during my undergrad studies. Crazy as fukk, and def not the most productive environment for studying. But I wouldn't do anything different. Was a great time, and produced some of my fave memories.

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    Effing loved college. Freshman year in the dorms with a roommate who grew mj at his folks house. Lol always smoking in our room with the smoke alarms covered, towel under the door and air purifier on, gravity bong, blunts every day. Could throw all our trash out the window and somebody cleaned it up by the time I woke up at 10, 11, noon. Had a really good RA that didn't rat on us. Kinda sucked having to hide alcohol while hanging out but wouldn't have traded that year for any other. Was a great way to meet most everyone on campus and with never ending buffets it really made life effortless. No student loans here and always had a good job thanks to my degree.

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