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    October 18, 1977 39 years ago to the day... Reggie did this !

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    What a great moment!! Something that will never be done again. Just like Ripken iron man streak or DiMaggio's hit streak.

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    The greatest moment in baseball history; you won't see three homers on three pitches even in spring training against a college team, let alone in the World Series.

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    some good stuff there, Nasher........growing up as a diehard Atlanta Braves fan when I was a kid (because the Nats weren't in existence) it kind of reminds of the day when Bob Horner hit 4 hr's in one game way back in 1986 against the former Montreal Expos!...I never missed a Braves telecast on WTBS (ted turners old station)...one of only 16 players to accomplish the feat!.......look at Horner's stance and swing...just using his arms!...no wasted motion, no wasted movements, just a short, simple, swing!...just a minimal amount of effort but with power!

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    i remember horner, dale murphy also, lol...i think i still have reggie jacksons rookie card somewhere...

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    what a shot too