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    Why Is Seattle a 10.5 Point Favorite

    I'm wondering why Seattle is a 10.5 point favorite over SF. Seattle is averaging 7.5 points a game so far this season. Their offensive line is terrible. I can see Seattle winning the game, but don't see how they will cover the 10.5. I'm not sure they can even score much more than 10 points. To cover, Seattle would practically have to shut out SF completely. Am I way off on taking SF + 10.5.

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    GL with that one

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    Because Seattle historically have beaten the living crap outta SF last 5 yrs at home the home crowd is another level against the hated ones but im staying away from this one untill i see my offense wake the fukk up good game to bet live as seattle starts slow jooefully sf scores 7 first and you can get a live line of less than 5 jump on it as Seattle tears apart SF second half as script has shown last 5 yrs

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