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    This post is not for this thread entirely as it is going to be OP of a new thread, I have yet to start in PLAYERS TALK..

    Of all the years i've been here you guys ought to know, I'm an "Insider"
    All my plays from now on, will be INSIDER plays..
    INSIDER plays In English means> you will see odd player actions/decisions of play calling/phantom penalties/ETC.
    Insider is a private group of minds collaborating/investigating odd lines/inside action of who is who and so forth,designed to cash 100% of the time.

    You will not see a play everyday but when you do.You better be sure to be on it with intentions to add practically your entire bankroll because the PLAY WILL CASH.......

    Those of you who see my play and choose to stay on the other side or fade me will be kicking yourself in the ass violently by games end.......

    I am the founder of Insider.
    My intentions are to build a Brand....
    Most of you are degenerates so I doubt you pay any attention to these Insider plays for the fact you need your fix multiple times per day..Insider plays are non emotional, strictly business plays which is the sole reason for Insider success rate.

    I will post these plays in Both this thread and PLAYERS TALK then play will be either mirrored by SBR mods or myself to correct sport forum of the play........

    My 1st play overflowing with confidence to use as example as to how Insider plays to come will look with the same level of confidence.
    I am not selling anything nor trying to pull any customers to a website for the fact there is NONE.....
    I'm just building brand........
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