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    Bill Belichick Shows Trumpish Disdain For Reporters

    Patriots camp just started and Bill Belichick is already fed up with reporters.

    Asked Friday whether there is a chance Jimmy Garoppolo starts over Tom Brady after Brady’s four-game suspension is served, Belichick just scoffed.

    “Jesus Christ.”

    So there you have it. After Brady’s suspension is over, the Lord and Savior is starting under center Week 5 in Cleveland. Hopefully he knows the playbook.


    How do some of these idiots get jobs for the press?

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    Belichick... was like oh man... Day 1... and I'm already getting this BS?

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    For the most part, reporters are idiots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigdaddyQH View Post
    For the most part, i suck good dikk

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    feed the trolls they love it

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    Who isn't sick of hearing about Brady and this god damn deflated Football,its a dead horse. Mind you though,Bill was never Mr. Congeniality.

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    awesome question

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    Dunno why they even bother with Belichick during interviews, you know he wont give you anything and will just repeat the same bs over and over.

    Giey is a pro at tooling reporters