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    SBR forum an idea to consider

    just an idea to consider for the forum
    you have those feature articles that show up on the right hand side, many are good reads dealing with the industry, some issues, some hype, some trends.
    like this one just added for example

    CG Technology's Parlay Glitch Highlights Why Online Gambling Is a Better Bet

    I wonder if you can allow for a discussion thread below those articles like for example
    at bloodhorse . com an article is posted by the bloodhorse official wirters and posted as news/info and then discussion on it is easy to get below the article and add to it, and easy for all to read. Usually very specific to the article. Could be audited or previewed if somebody posts to keep on topic.

    like this for example, notice the feature short article at bloodhorse and then comments to it right below same place you click to read it. just an idea no idea how the architecture of that would work


    the way you have it now, after you read the info, it is hard to know what to ask or share to comment (make a new thread?) if you want to read others opinions or share on those feature topics
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    Hi trytrytry,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    We highly appreciate reading more ideas coming in, for a better, convenient and a future development in every corner of SBR channel!