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    Bet voided because result was already known?

    Has this ever happened to you? I do lots of live betting and yesterday I made a completely normal bet at HT in women's basketball for the Q3 winner. Apparently the result was already known before Q3 even started. I guess Bet365 can see 15 minutes into the future. I asked support but they just reply with nonsense and vagueness, telling me the result was already known, without explaining where or how. I was even told that the event wasn't actually in-play, so I guess I made the half time bet by magic, as in "I can confirm as this fixture was not covered in play at this time the event in question had started before the bet was placed."

    I don't even care about the money but this is like a mystery out of the twilight zone.

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    That sucks.

    Christ, I have already bet on the outcome of The Ultimate Fighter winner at + odds for each of the 2 fighters that made it to the finale before the season started because of leaked information, and then continued to bet them as the odds changed for several weeks until they pulled the odds down when it got closer to the end.