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    College Baseball bet: postponement rules??

    I have a friend who bet big on coastal Carolina yesterday. Game got post poned so he tried to collect last night and the ticket counter said the game was action even with the postponement and this was after he called a supervisor so not just a teller making an error.

    Then of course today, after coastal Carolina won, he tries to collect a ticket and is told the game is no action.

    Is something fishy going on here? Seems like that's binding if you're getting told something and not allowed to collect. What if someone hedged or something off that information?

    The shop was William hill for those curious.

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    Well, what you described is a 100% free roll.

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    That's my concern with it. I'm sure their rules lists the game is no action but I'm positive my friend would have never collected a refund for this ticket based on a teller and supervisor both telling him last night it was action for sure and not letting him collect several hours after a postponement.

    Seems very unethical. Hopefully they pay it out.

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    William Hill clearly states when a game is postponed the bet is void. Strange.

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    Javy, call the FBI on them, like you did across the street.

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    I had a friend with a similar yet different situation. Dude bet Coastal yesterday when they were still dogs. Game gets postponed. His bet gets canceled in the early morning hours while he's sleeping. Then he had to rebet today before the game started and the line had juiced so Coastal was now favs and he had to lay it. He won the bet but that's bs. He got screwed on the line he should've got paid. That's just as unethical to me. He did everything correctly. Bet the right side at the best price and didn't get rewarded for it. I don't understand why books vary on this, seems like it should be a standard decision everywhere.

    The book I bet the game at says in the fine print that all college games are action regardless of venue or time change. That ended up screwing me cause they changed the pitching matchup after the rain out yesterday and they never have the pitchers listed for college bets. So you're stuck with it, nothing you can do about it. Of course you could always bet the other side to cancel out bet and all that but not when the line has reversed, nobody bets into both ends of a bad line. The line for this game was screwy. Zona opened like -135 fav, moved to even money right before schedule first pitch last night. Rain delay happens. Public hammers Coastal, moving them to like -120, game gets postponed until today and public keeps hitting Coastal until first pitch. Line ended up completely reversing.