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    Let's hear some sports betting bad beats

    what are the most ridiculous, absurd ways you have lost a sports bet?

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    too many to remember but bad beats are part of the game. everything evens out at the end, so they say...
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    Nevada vcu prolly like 6 years ago. Line was -1.5. Up 4 with 1 second left. Guy inbounds it from under their own basket and chucks it with 1 hand full court for no reason and drains it to lose by 1. I lose
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    Northwestern vs Ohio state, nw with the ball snap ball with 1 something second from there own 20 go backwards, fumbles the ball, Buckeyes recover in end zone which gives Ohio state the cover lol

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    guy retires in tennis while facing match point...in the 5th set


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    Over 209 today's Cavs game. Needed 5 points with 5:44 left and only scored 4 combined

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    Pete they happen everyday

    no such thing because you win them too

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    There's honestly been so many over the years that you forget even the painful ones over time... But this was a recent one that wasn't necessarily a bad beat but definitely holds a special place in my heart for being the shadiest.

    NCAA hoops game between CSU and BSU. I had BSU -2.5. In hindsight, probably a bad bet, was fairly competitive game and you could probably give the edge to CSU.

    Anyway game tied at 84 in OT with 0.8 seconds left and BSU with the ball. Guy catches inbounds and quickly throws up a 3 and banks it in to give them the win by 3. Game over right? Nope. Refs review it and even though replays clearly showed he got it off in time, they say the shot doesn't count because the clock didn't start on time. In fact, they say they used a stopwatch and timed it themselves (as if you can accurately manually time 0.8 seconds LOL). So game goes to double OT and of course CSU wins.

    The kicker to all this? Even if the clock was started at the exact time the BSU player touched the ball, he STILL got the shot off in time.

    You can read about it here


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    I had $150 on Texas A&M when they played UNI this year in NCAA Tourney when A&M came back from 14 down with like 42 seconds left. A very good beat for me, but if i was a UNI backer I think that has to be one of the worst bad beats in the history of sports. That was absurd.