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    Anyone else having troubles with 5dimes.eu?

    It went down on me while trying to bet the KY derby, which should be a sign lol. But I was wondering if anyone else is having the same thing.

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    yes i cant login either

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    Where have you guys been, I've been having issues for a couple days. It won't even let me bring up the login page, it says, "400 Bad Request" and same shit on their backup site sportbet. I made a post about it the other day and nobody responded so I thought it was just me but that didn't make sense cause every other website I go to works fine, just not 5D.

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    Shocking because Tony usually likes lying stiffs. We'll make some calls..he might think you're just stiffing cash not glorious betpoints.

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    I Never have a problem with propbet

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    just got on the normal 5dimes.eu
    1st click no problem

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    No problems here. Just checked my balance and it is still $115,874.63.