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    Please keep SKYBOOK MIKE Hertz and his family in your thoghts and prayers

    Where ever you are coming from spiritually, some good thoughts and vibes for Sky Book Mike Hertz formally known as EOG MIke would be in order.

    Mike's 25 year old sister came home from the hospital Tuesday to be surrounded by loved ones as she prepares to take her journey with the lord.

    As you can imagine this is very sobering for Mike and all of his family.

    Raquel is married with 2 children.

    Sometimes it all doesn't make sense. But this family has always been very grounded in fundamental Christian beliefs.

    It is with this faith they move forward , one day at a time. Creating memories of their Child, their Mother, their Sister and Wife that they will cherish until they meet again.

    Take a moment reflect upon those in your life, appreciate them, and in your own way send some good vibes for Mike and his family down in Costa Rica.


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    Best wishes to Mike and his family!

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    Horrendous news

    No idea how he can handle that

    Hang in there Mike one day at a time

    Too too young