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    MLB Hypothetical

    I was watching a game I had bet on today, where I was debating on taking the Over or the Run line on a team pre-game. The score was 3-0 with the team I favored after 2 innings. I had taken the runline, so I was happy, but I wondered if I should have taken the over, and wondered which bet had the more likely chance to win at that point.

    So my question to you is, just for fun: after 2 innings your MLB team is up 3-0. At that point would you rather have a -1.5 ticket on the currently winning team, or Over 7.5 on the same game? It was just a thought that entered my brain and I wondered what I / you guys would rather.

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    The answer is -1.5, because it's most likely a nice +.

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    I'm going to be on the conservative side.... I'd rather just have the ML and be thankful.

    -1.5 lines a good way to get clipped.