Cardinals are rolling out Matt Holliday at 1B for the first time in his career and he's 36. He's been an OF his whole career. Also have Gyorko starting at SS a guy who has only played like 20 games there in his career. He's normally a 2B/3B. Pittsburgh is rolling out Freese as their #3 bat in the order. He's a supplementary bat like a #5 or #6 in a good lineup. The temperature is also in the 30's for this game. I follow both of these teams closely and I'm passing on the game. Too many unknown variables. Will Holliday be able to handle the shorthops at 1B for the first time? Does Gyorko have any range at SS? Can Freese still hit for power in a weak lineup? Just though you guys would want to know this stuff if you didn't already. Be smart, it's a long season with plenty of games to bet.