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    I have a MAJOR fukkin clue..
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Mayan View Post
    Mexicans don't love you puto.. You're just another inbred traitor that they laugh at.. They know you can't hire gringos that don't cut it in the construction field.. And they laugh at it.
    Awww. Somebody is jealous!!

    Funny I don't recall you being this cocky when I bitchslapped you down those stairs at the Vegas bash. You don't think I've forgotten that, do you???

    Or maybe I should post the vid?????!??

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    King Mayan
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    Post the video.

    Oh yeah that's right that never happened..

    Keep dreaming puto

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    Wait 'til next year!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Does it really take balls or are you just sick in the head

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    pay Bobby
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    i hope that guy's 1,000 virgins all look like Seaweed

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtoler View Post
    You need to understand the people youre dealing with first before giving narratives. That was the problem with Vietnam, the U.S. didnt understand the people they were fighting against. If they believe something differently than you then of course its going to seem cowardly, crazy, and foreign, but Im sure they feel the same way about you.
    True, I'm pretty sure they feel that dropping bombs and killing people form high up in the air is pretty cowardly as well.

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