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    Atlantic City ain't gonna make shit in taxes when sports betting finally legal!

    Here's a recent quote from former Vegas oddsmaker Roxborough: "Nevada sports books contribute just $16 mil to state coffers in 2015. Sports betting hardly a panacea for state budgets"

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    yeah but the state will when they take a big cut of your winning bets from you and a big cut of losses from the casino. The state always wins. Gambling on the internet is the free market, much better for the player.

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    Well directly from the sportsbooks they might not generate much, but more people coming into the city and spending money is more money for the state.

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    Books make little money in Vegas

    Small time

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    Yes go sit at a book a watch nobody even makes bets it is just $10 parlays and horse bets mostly. Guys who bet a like a 100 are only paying $5 in juice and get free booze they are making nothing.